George Scott, RD2


scottclarke.jpg (14655 bytes) George and Tom Clarke near number two whale boat (1962)

scottccranmore.jpg (18413 bytes)George and Henry Cranmore, YN3.  The ship's Yeomen spent much time in CIC as it was their watch responsibility to type the IBM cards that gave the incoming aircraft's position every couple of minutes.

scottcic2.jpg (22595 bytes) The radarman's responsibilities were many..........

From the Guest Book:  

Thanks for calling Mr. McNamara I enjoyed our conversation. I came aboard the watchman as a seaman in late
1959 (right out of radar school at Treasure Island) left in July of 1963 as an RD2 when I was separated from the service. I joined the Navy in SF and left it in SF. Really never left there except for Boot Camp and to go to sea. Your call brought back many fond memories of good times. Of course we tend to look at the "bad" memories as good ones now.  To all the other crew members HI. Does anyone remember the call signs of the stations we were BathBox...or the airforce stations....Endicott? I left the service and came back to Iowa...worked my way through college, getting a Masters of Science in Education (MSE) ..... came to the Twin Cities and have been a teacher here for 30 years and am looking at retirement next summer. How time flies. George Scott RD2